Monday, July 14, 2008

What we have been doing this summer

The first week out of school Chad and Dylan had cub scout Twilight Camp. It is called "twilight" instead of "day" camp because in Texas it is too hot to do anything during the day...except swim and go to the movies of course! The cool part about camp this year was that one of Chad's den leaders for the week was his teacher from Little Friends Preschool where he attended for the 2 years prior to him entering Kindergarten. Dylan also attended the same preschool program which is actually a bunch of high school juniors and seniors teaching 18 little kids for 3 hours while Mrs. Smith is the faculty sponsor of the class. Of course she remembered Chad and Dylan because who could forget them!!!
Dylan's last day of preschool
Chad's first day of preschool

The following week we headed to California for Disneyland

Greg's family reunion:

(L) cousin Les & wife Karen (R) Ty, Dylan & Chad w/ cousin Hannah Greg w/ 3 of 4 brothers-Steve, Jordan, Josh

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