Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Out with the old, in with the New

We bought our first home in Salt Lake City in August 1996 which meant we had to furnish it with a new fridge. Here it is 12 years later and we still had the same one. It's been a good fridge. Moved everywhere we moved and held up and did it's job. But come on, don't we deserve a new one? Of course we didn't want just any new had to be stainless steel to match our microwave and dishwasher which we replaced last year. And we didn't want the traditional freezer on top...we considered side by sides, ice maker in the door...well, you get the point. But there is this thing called MONEY and the fridge we wanted wasn't cheap ($2597.00 to be exact). I like to call myself a "frugal" or "thrifty" person (thanks to the example of my grandpa). I hate to spend money on appliances, even if I really want, or in this case NEED a new one. Anyway, we walked into Home Depot last week and found a this on clearance for $1347.00

I still hated spending that cash but I love our new fridge!.

So long Kenmore... Hello LG!

If anyone has a doubt, Greg thinks I've gone CRAZY because I'm posting this silly story on our blog!


R-Eight said...

Tricia and Greg!! Hooray!! We were just talking about you two a few weeks ago when we drove through Friendswood. I told Paul that was the last place I sent a Christmas card.

We drive through there regularly on our way to go surfing. We need to get together before school starts again.

Tricia said...

Where in Texas are you?