Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's about time!

After keeping up with our family and friends, near and far, for the past 2+ years through their blogs, (I) decided we might as well become "blogger's" or was it we decided (I) should become a "blogger", so others can share funny stories about our children with them when they grow up since I am sure I will die way before I get their scrapbooks completed! Either way, I'm sure the entire family will have a say in what get's posted on our new "family" blog!

For now this will look plain and boring but I intend to add frills and flare as time goes on!
I will start out simple with our first post and say thank you and we love you to all of our family and friends, near and far, that have loved and supported us throughout our years of life, including all of it's ups and downs. Thank you for sharing all of our happy and sad moments.

My goal in "blogging" is to keep an account of the happenings in a home full of Boys, Toys, and Noise!
We are the Pemberton's, and we are now bloggers!


Burridge said...

Yippee...I got to post your first comment!!

Welcome to the blog world! I'm so excited that we get to keep up with your family and see what's new with the boys. We miss you guys tons and hope to see you again on our next Texas trip.

I've always loved that sign at your front door...what a perfect title!!

Toungehung said...

From the land of a thousand fires: (Nor. CAl.) Mark , Bart, and Dusty:

Glad to see you online. Now we have a place to go that's not porn related:) Greg, I talked to D.F.G. you can still get B zone tags and the out of state when you get here. Will it be three years in a row? All deer hunters sing this song......................Theres nothing better than a warm gut pile on a cold day....

Gary said...

im impressed Aunt Donna