Saturday, July 19, 2008

Memories of the past

Part of my goal in starting a blog was to document events and memories of what's currently going on in our life. And then I started thinking how incomplete my scrapbooks are of the events in the past so I decided when there is nothing currently happening I will post memories of events in the past.

This month my mom celebrates her 30th year of working for an airline. I grew up flying for cheap...but it was mostly to relatives houses where we could stay and not have the added expense of hotels and rental cars. I am so grateful for that opportunity. Not many people I know have the privilege of knowing their 2nd and 3rd cousins, aunts and uncles, great grand parents, etc. And if it weren't for my mom's job my brothers and I would not have had the opportunity either. But being a single mom, even though flying was cheaper for us than most of the rest of America, it wasn't something we did all the time.

Growing up I told everyone I was either going to marry someone rich or someone that worked for the airline so I could continue to travel to exciting places and so my kids would have the opportunity to get to know their extended families that live so far guessed it...Greg works for the airlines!!! (but we are rich in so many other ways!!!)

Thanks to a wonderful husband who works hard for the airlines so our family gets to travel to ALOT of fun places!

Spring Break 2007: Lake Catherine, Arkansas

We found heaven on earth...and it was only a days drive from Texas. Every year we try to go to Mena, Arkansas and put flowers on my dads grave. This year we did it over spring break instead of over a weekend. We drove a few hours east of Mena to Lake Catherine and rented a cabin on the lake. It was BEAUTIFUL! Camping in comfort. We had a kitchen, fireplace, built in screen porch, and flushing toilets! We took some day trips to dig for quartz, check out the hot springs, and rented a pontoon boat (during off season you get the boat all day for the 1/2 day price!) Our friends met us there for a few nights with their boys and we played cards, fished, had smores, and can't wait to go back!

Ty and Chad fishing off the pier

Outside the Pemberton Drug Store in Jefferson, Texas

Christmas 2006: Caribbean Cruise

Grandpa was going to turn 80 in Feb 2007 and he loves to go on cruises so we figured if we all wanted to celebrate his 80th birthday with him what a perfect activity. Grandma and Grandpa introduced all the grand kids and our spouses to cruises in Oct 1997 when they took a group of us on a 2 week cruise from San Diego to San kids allowed! It was difficult to leave Ty who was almost 3 and Dylan who was only 8 months at the time, but we did it and it was an AWESOME experience. This time it was our turn to treat grandpa. It was sad once we started reflecting on that first cruise because 5 of the 18 who went on it have passed away. Anyway...this was the first cruise for all the "younger" generation. It was fun but not something I plan on doing again anytime soon. And really I don't think it was the kids being their, but more of just trying to coordinate with 23 people and being gone over Christmas was challenging. Overall, it was all about grandpa and I think he enjoyed just having us all together.
Cousins have fun at karaoke
Ty turned 12 while on the cruise
We were fortunate enough to have Greg's mom and sister join us on the cruise.
Dylan, Chad and Ty have fun with grandma Lynda in Cozumel

Grandpa and mom relax after dinner on Christmas Eve
Greg and Tricia...the best vacations are cruises!

Summer 2006 vacation: Beach House, Lincoln City, Oregon

We flew to San Fran and rented a car and drove up the coast to Lincoln City, Or to join the some of my family. We stopped in Rio Del to visit Greg's brother Brian and his family.
Melissa, Ty, Dylan, Brian, Chad

We met my side of the family and rented a beach house. It was so much fun. I have never spent time on a beach in the Pacific Northwest and all I can say is it is way different than the beach I grew up going to in Galveston. It was so pretty, very rocky, and very windy. And even cool enough for a jacket in the evenings. Greg's sister Jenny was able to drive over and spend time with us as well. She was a great tour guide...we went crabbing, road dune buggies on the sand dunes, spent time on Devils Lake, and just hung out.

Chad and his cousin Collin

Greg and Dylan on Devils Lake

Ty practicing how to act like a teenager

Kids and the beautiful sunset

Spring Break 2006: Berlin, Germany
My brother Steve did 2 tours of duty in Germany in the late 80's early 90's. He was there when the Berlin wall came down. He loves it there and if Continental had maintenance there he'd live and work there. He tries to go back every few years. This year he went as our own private tour guide...I'm not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Remember he was in the Army...we thought we were in boot camp at times with all the walking he had us doing. But it was overall a big plus to have him around. My grandpa, my aunt, and my cousins daughter went on the trip with us. We saw some amazing sights...Brandenburg Gate, Sacksenhausen, where the Berlin wall used to be, Olympic stadium, museums, Checkpoint Charlie...lots of trains and subway rides and beautiful countryside.

Waiting for a train

In front of Brandenburg Gate

Olympic Stadium

Smart Car

Steve, Kim and Chad at Saksenhausen


Stacia, Brielle & Sicily said...

wow....i never realized you all traveled so fun! Looks like things are good with you...i am so happy. Th boys are growing up fast. Tell them hi for me!

Robert said...

I too have sweet memories of a holiday trip at San Francisco with my friends. It was a great experience.

SparkleMom said...

Your boys look so young. It's amazing how fast kids grow!