Monday, July 14, 2008

More summer activities

Yosemite National Park:

Greg, Tricia, Lynda, Jenny

(L) Chad and his grandma Lynda (R) Chad and cousin Kellan

We spent one day in Yosemite. Despite the smoke from the fires outside of the park creaping into the park, the day was great, views breath taking, and time with family well spent!


After leaving California we flew straight to Salt Lake for my family reunion. While there we visited temple square, bridal vail falls, stumbled upon a friend from college that I hadn't talked to in 6 years, visited with more of Greg's cousin's that didn't make it to California, hung out with friends that I've known for 18 years, and the best of all got to see my 98 1/2 year old great grandma Curzon. Doesn't she look great!

(L) boys with their great great grandma Curzon (M) Ty's awesome photo of the SLC temple (R) Bridal Vail Falls, Utah

Back in Texas:

After returning to Texas, my brother and his family arrived from Idaho. Chad had the honor of being baptized with his two cousins, Ayanna and Collin on July 5th. He also had the privilage of being baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by his great grandfather, Melvin Whitaker. This is so cool because I was baptized by my great grandfather, Cecil Whitaker when I was 8!

Chad with Uncle Gary and Aunt Donna from Idaho

The rest of the week was filled with fun and food:

Schlitterbahn Water Park

Bayou Wildlife Park

Miscellaneous Fun:

Curtina and Carrigan, Jan and Alexa

Some of you may have noticed Ty wasn't in any of the pictures after the baptism...that's because he left that day for boy scout camp. He is home now and has a better tan than the rest of us!


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Jenni said...

Hey Trish! I love your blog spot. Now, I can keep up with your family! Yeah! FYI - the picture you have of Chad and Kellin, you have put down as Chad and Ethan. Love ya! Miss you all! Jenni