Friday, September 12, 2008

Pre-Ike landfall activities and conditions

The replies to the email I sent out a few hours ago assures me who our real friends are because they have NO problem telling us how they really feel by calling us names! Names like BRAVE or CRAZY. I can assure you we are not BRAVE so that leaves CRAZY! Thanks to you all.

Dawn looking a little frazzeled...this was before the power surged twice and the winds started gusting!

We are gladly taking in overnight visitors. My mom, my grandpa, and our close friends Dawn and Jerry Davis, their daughter Marissa, and sons Logan and Bryson...oh yeah and Jezzie (the dog). They are bringing over matresses and an extra tv to hook their Wii up. The method to our madness is pooling our resources and supplies and with 5 realatively young kids, 2 tv's, a Wii and a PS2 should keep the arguing to a minimum. Of course for the older crowd we will be watching the weather as we play our favorite past time games such as hand and foot or a dice game.

Greg securing the grill...

Jerry and Grandpa waiting for something to happen...

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burridge said...

That picture of Dawn says it all...and you can add my name to the ones calling you crazy, although I'm sure if we still lived there we would most likely being be hunkering down as well.

Stay safe and try to stay sane. We're praying for you guys!