Friday, September 12, 2008

Bloggin about IKE

I never imagined being a blogger...especially not one that blogs when a hurricane is predicted to hit us within the next 20 hours. But here it goes!

Wednesday, Sept 10th...started doing laundry about midnight so we had lots of clean clothes for when the power goes out. Went to bed at 2:45am...not because I had that much laundry but because of I don't know why! I'm not nervouse I just think it's anticipation anxiety or something.

Thursday, Sept 11th...5:15am (refer to Sept 10th entry to calculate how many hours of sleep I had) On his way out the door to work Greg thought it would be a good idea to wake me up and send me to the gas station to fill up the truck and to Walmart to get some more water. I guess he wanted to get my heart pumping early in the morning. Keep in mind with the price of diesel it has been a VERY long time since we have actually filled the truck. It has been used for the short runs to scouts and the store. Luckily Greg has been carpooling with my brother and friend to work at Hobby so I can take the car to work. I can't say I experienced sticker shock but I wasn't pleasantly surprised either. Oh well...I filled up and then headed over to a basically empty Walmart. I don't know why...we didn't need anything except a 6 volt battery for the flashlights. But I managed to wander around and find stuff that by the time I got the very short check out line I had spent $56. I think I just wanted a story to tell when others tell me about their 10 hour wait in line fighting over cans of tuna!

6:30am -I was back in my pj's and crawling into bed...right after I checked the latest updates on Ike's path.
7:00am-Mayor of Houston issues manditory evacuation for our zip code. The phone starts ringing, texts start coming in.
9:15am-debrief the boys on the things that need done
9:20am-Ty, Dylan, and I mow the back yard
9:55am-hit the drive thru at Sonic while drinks are still 99 cents
10:30am-arrive at grandpa's to start sorting boards to put on windows
1:30pm-boards 90% installed. Steve and Greg will finish grandpa's windows, start and finish aunt Jan's and mom's windows when they get off work in an hour.
2:00pm-shower to prepare to watch my 5 month old niece and 11 year old nephew
5:15pm-catch a 1 hour nap
8:00pm-friends Dawn and Jerry and their kids come over to watch the weather, play cards, and talk about "hunkerin' down" and post hurricane plans

10:30pm-Dawn and I go looking for an automatic ice maker that Dawn swears she has seen in a parking lot on Nasa Rd 1 somewhere to stock up on ice...never found it
Midnight-went to bed

Now that I have caught up...Stay tuned...


burridge said...

We're praying for all you guys down well as my family.

Please stay safe and keep us posted.

Love ya!

Katie said...

Tricia- thanks for letting us know-we'll check in with you guys! We took off but are watching things closely.
The Grimms