Friday, September 12, 2008

Current Conditions

It's 7:30pm and mom, Dawn and I just got back from a drive. We went to my aunt's house to get the electric pump to blow up the air matresses because I put ours in a place I wouldn't forget (yeah, I forgot where I put it). Her house is already without power which means grandpa's house is probably without power. We decided while we were out to look around. While driving down Bay Area Blvd a traffic light cable snapped and if mom had to swerve to the right to avoid having the traffic light go through the windshield (glad I wasn't driving!)

We drove to Nassau Bay...Clear Lake Park is under water...

The Hilton Hotel parking lot is packed with news crews...

The Bal Harbor and Nassau Bay subdivisions are baracaded to keep everyone out but you could see the water in the streets.

The winds are pretty steady at 30 mph and gusts to 40-45mph.

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Brett said...

Hang in there Sis! Sounds like you are prepared as best as you can be. Be safe! Our prayers are with you!