Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's been way to long since my last post...

What can I say! It's easier to talk about blogging than to find the time to do it lately. I feel like I have to have pictures with every post and when it takes me a month to download my pictures to the computer so I can use them in my post I always get behind.

So once again I'm playing catch up.

We finished all 3 fences and got a new roof! What a relief to have that behind us. We haven't gotten to building the shed yet due to some other delays (explanation below). We plan on paying someone to do the small amount of sheetrock work that needs to be done inside after the holidays just because we don't feel like messing with it.

Halloween...Dylan broke his wrist at school during PE playing "two touch football". I guess that translates to a push and a shove...or a touch and a tackle. Oh well!

The Monday after Halloween Greg got his braces on then Dylan got his on Wednesday. Gregs are the clear porcelin ones on the top so you can't even tell he has them unless you are close. All I can say is it's gonna be a long 2 1/2 years for me!

I also attempted to take some pictures of the kids for this years Christmas card. There were so many cute ones I still have no idea which ones to use!

We had plans of staying home for the Thanksgiving holiday and working on the shed, rearranging furniture to make room for the Christmas tree, decorating, shopping on Black Friday, etc. However, the week before Thanksgiving my 98 year old great grandmother had a stroke and passed away in Utah. The funeral was the Monday before Thanksgiving so we all flew out to SLC and drove to Pocatello, Idaho to honor her. She had been a widow since her husband passed away in the 1950's. It was only the last 11 years that she lived in a nursing home...I say "only" but I think that's a long time. Luckily the 2 homes she lived in during those years she was watched over by family members. Her grandson, who is my 2nd cousin and my age, was her doctor for the last 2 years. She outlived 4 of her 8 children. This picture was from this summer when we last saw her.
Since we were already in Idaho we decided to drive over to Boise and stay the rest of the week with my brother and his family which is always a great time. The basement is filled with pinball machines that my brother has bought broken and repaired the "guts" and of course we had lots of Wii time together. While there we also went to Idaho City which is an old mining town in the mountains, did our "black Friday" shopping, and Greg and Ty went to the BSU vs Fresno State game later that night. We headed back to SLC early Saturday morning to beat the crowds and caught a Saturday afternoon flight back to the warm weather! It was a great holiday.

Now it is December, the cold front is coming in as I post this (I love having the windows open and covering up with blankets on the couch.) Tomorrow night we will have the extended family over for dinner and decorate for Christmas which is so fun! We will never forget the Christmas Eve in 2004 when it snowed! I'll have to dig that picture out and post it!

I love remembering the birth of Our Savior and all that he has done for me in my life. I love focusing on others and how they have blessed my life. I am greatful for this time of year for so many reasons. I am greatful for all of you!

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