Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Ty

14 years ago today our first son was born! Where did the time go? I have no idea!

Some things I remember clearly without reading the details from what I recorded in his baby book:

1)1st birthday party with 6 or 7 other 1 year olds and their moms.
2)the time we were sitting in Sacrament meeting for a missionary farwell when Ty was a little over a year old and I broke down in tears. Of course Greg thought I was crazy when I told him I was crying because 18 years from then Ty would be going on a mission. Now it's only 5 years away!
3)the day he busted his head open on the fireplace in our first home and needed a plastic surgeon to stitch him up. He was 22 months old.
4)his first day of kindergarten
5)the first time he pee'd standing up (camping trip in McCall, Idaho)
5)his baptism day
6)his first trip to the principal's office (for expressing his choice for President in the 2004 election with his friends in the restroom)
7)when he became a deacon
8)his first football game
9)his first crush on a girl

I'm glad I can remember the good times and not so many of the things he has done that haven't made us so happy at times!


Maja said...

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Grace said...

Tell him happy birthday from us!! :)