Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just for fun

I've seen several friends blogs with these fun and cute backgrounds and I finally added one to mine that seems to go along with the "Home of Boys, Toys, and Noise"...the "Zoo" themed background. This will become even more true in the next few weeks since I "officially" go back to work this Wednesday, even though I worked "unofficially" every day last week except for Tuesday when the district closed down for the "Non Tropical Storm Ed" as we have been referring to it!

I do the registering and withdrawling of students and as you can imagine with school starting on the 25th of this month parents are running out of time to "let go" of their now kidergarten age children! So not only will it be a "zoo" at work for me, but a "zoo" at home getting my own kids ready for a new school year.

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Stacia said...

cute background! And that new family photo is great! Hope you're all doing well!