Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How long has it been...

since my last post...two months=too long=lots of photos!

Spring Break---tried for 3 days to get on a flight to California and the closest place we could get...home! So we drove to Arkansas and stayed at a working ranch...of course my camera died and I only got a few pictures with my phone.

We...slept in the old tac room converted to living quarters (in the horse stables)...ate home cooked meals of goat roast, the best bacon ever, and blackberry pancakes!

We...road horses (except for Ty...don't ask, I have no answer), had a trail ride by moonlight to look at the stars, went on a possum hunt (also by moonlight), enjoyed nightly bon fires, and kids riding a bull (made out of a barrel and springs).

Easter---camping with our friends...we have a trailer, they have a boat...talk about FUN!

May---finally a trip to California to:

*get a milkshake from Superior Dairy

*hang out with nieces, nephews, brothers, sister-in-laws, mom, cousins, aunts and uncles

*get a milkshake from Superior Dairy (did I say that already)

Next post...in a few weeks after all the end of school year activities are done!

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