Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quick trip to Cali

Greg, Chad and I made a quick trip to California last weekend for a funeral and a 50th wedding anniversary.

To make a long story short, Greg's mom used to be married to David Wamhoff and has two younger half brothers (Josh and Jordan) and 5 step brothers and sisters. This is the first time all 11 of them were together in...well, Greg and I have been married 15 1/2 years and they've never been all together in that time. It was a great reunion at a sad time.

And we can't go to California without a trip to Superior Dairy in Hanford for the best milkshakes on the planet (chocholate chip is my favorite)

After breakfast at Superior Dairy (yep, mom is great, she fed us milk shakes for breakfast), we headed over to Aunt Nola and Uncle Leonard's fabulous celebration of 50 years of marital bliss and harmony. What an awesome example they are to all of us young married folks!

(Josh, Lynda, Steve, Jenny, Brian, Greg, Jordan)

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