Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finally something worth posting

I am pleased to relinquish the title of "Slave Driver" to none other than my youngest son...

Please don't report to me to child protective services...I can explain!

Before I start, for those of you who didn't know, in February I took a new position as the school secretary for a brand new elementary school that is currently still under construction and will open in August. That meant that I would be working at a different school for the rest of the school year than the one Chad currently attends.

Yesterday Chad's 3rd grade class went on a field trip to a one room school house. Afterwards, like with most field trips in elementary school, they went to a park to eat their lunch and play. While on the see saw with a friend, the teacher announces it's time to get on the bus. So off jumps the friend and Chad's dangling leg got caught between the ground and the see saw. Immediately a chaperone called me to let me know what had happened and did I want to meet them at the school. The initial damage report is that he's got a pretty ugly bruise on the back of his calf, but no swelling. They asked if I wanted to meet them back at the school and what do I say...(keep in mind he is the youngest (and toughest) of my 3 wonderful sons) so of course I say "take him back to school and let the nurse check him out and then call me". Which they did. Then the nurse calls...remember, I worked with this nurse for 2 1/2 years and love her because she is the best at what she does. Knowing that Chad was in good hands, when she called me and said he could stay in the clinic the rest of the day with some ice, I was totally comfortable with that.

So after school I went and picked him up...yep, it was an ugly bruise, but still no swelling. He could not put any weight on it. I carried him to the car and took him home and carried him to the couch. Greg gets on the phone to the orthopediac doctor but he can't see us until noon the today so he makes the appt. In the mean time, Chad is shaking and feeling nausiated and wants the puke pan, just in case. We load him up and head to urgent care for x-rays. 1 1/2 hrs later, yep, he's broken his tibula AND fibula. Lovely! Greg heads to work and I stay up most the night with Chad who refuses to take medicine for the pain until 4:30AM.

So at noon today we head to the dr...yep, he's broken his fibula AND tibula...let's put a cast on him for 4 weeks, take and x-ray to make sure he doesn't need surgery immediately, come back Monday for another x-ray to double check he doesn't need surgery, and on June 10th (an eternity from now) come back and we'll take the full leg cast off and maybe put a knee high cast on, or a boot, or nothing at all and just do physical therapy to get him used to walking again...BEFORE our month long camping trip this summer!

Sounds like fun...I know you are all wishing you were in mine and Greg's shoes right now!

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Maja said...

Poor Chad! And poor you, this is going to be a long 4 weeks. Tell him I hope he gets feeling better.