Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fences, and Roofs, and Braces...Oh My!

It's been a while and from the title of this post you may be able to figure out why. But first I have to back up to more post Ike highlights.

One week after Ike hit it was a Friday, the day after Greg had left on his annual hunting trip to California. My aunt Donna and a few of her daughters were in town because they were going with my mom and grandpa on a cruise to the Bahamas out of Miami on Sunday. I had just learned that the kids and I would be off of school the entire next week because the schools were not all ready to handle students and staff. Our school district was the worst hit...even worse than Galveston schools. 39 out of the 40 schools in the district had some damage...some worse than others. Ty's gym and locker and weight rooms were destroyed so they are using the portable buildings for the rest of the football season at least and probably until the end of the year.

Anyway, we were driving around town looking for eggs and the thought came to me and I said to my aunt Donna "tell me why the boys and I aren't going on the cruise with all of you." And her reply was "I don't know. Here, talk to my travel agent." So we called her up, they had a room that held 4 and most of all, the price was right. So Friday afternoon I bought some new clothes and Sunday morning 9 of us boarded the plane to Miami. We spent the afternoon at South Beach

and Monday at 2pm we boarded the ship. It was not my favorite cruise line (Norwegian) but the ship was newer and nice. The staff was nice but slow at meal time.

The ports we visited (Freeport, Nassau, and Norwegian's private island) were all nice and sunny.

We flew home on Friday, Greg got home Sunday, and Monday it was back to reality...dealing with insurance adjusters and hunting for a roofer, fencer, and/or contractor that 1)we can trust 2)will do a good job 3)that will do it at a reasonable price 4)that can have the job completed before the boys get out of high school. We have met with 2 roofers and 2 fencers so far. Saturday a roofer will come out and meet with us and the insurance adjuster. We do know that the one fence that didn't have any damage but still needs replaced will be built this weekend only because Greg and the neighbor are going to do it themselves. We have been talking about it for a few years and since the other 2 fences will be new we decided it's as good as time as any to do the 3rd side. I wish the other neighbors were able to help build the fences we share but that's not the case. They have said they would pay Greg labor if he built them since we would be number 1 in line for a fence instead of 431...or 243...or you get my point. It may end up that the boys and I help Greg build the other fences just to get it done! Watch for pictures of our new fence in a future post.

Now onto the braces...Greg and Dylan went to the ortho this week and November 3rd and 5th is "B" day for them! They received their "last supper" (a bag of candy and gum) from the ortho as we left. They will both be in them for 2 1/2 years. Dylan will have to have the herbts device for the first year also to force his bottom jaw to grow forward. Greg is too old for that device since he is done growing so after a year he can have surgery to correct his bottom jaw. They would break it then insert permanent extenders. He's not sure if he wants to do that yet. I'm glad they are doing this together for moral support reasons only...definately not excited about the financial side of it. Stay tuned for photos!

That's it for now...

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